Automatic Wind Monitor

Automatic Wind Monitor

Automatic Wind Monitor is based on microcontroller that is used for collecting the real time data of the wind automatically. Our Automatic Wind Monitor is fitted with data logger and maintenance-free rechargeable batteries, which are charged through solar panels. Automatic Wind Monitor easily converts the analog signals into digital format for easy reading. The data collected is further stored in internal data RAMs. Further, 16-x1 alphanumeric display and 4x2 membrane keypad is provided at the front panel of our Automatic Wind Monitor.

Wind Speed Sensor :

  • Sensor : 3 Cup Anemometer
  • Sensing : Opto coupler
  • Input : 5V DC
  • Range : 0 to 67 m/s
  • Resolution : 0.1 m/s
  • Accuracy : Better than 0.5 m/s
  • Current Consumption : 7 M amp @ 5 V DC
  • Dia of Cup : 50 mm
  • Output : Pulse output (Open Collector, Digital)

Wind Direction Sensor :

  • Sensing : Smart Position Pot
  • Range : 0 to 360 o
  • Resolution : 1o
  • Input : 0 to 5 v
  • Output : Analog (0 to 5 v)
  • Accuracy : ± 3 o
  • Current Consumption : 0.5 M amp @ 5 VDC

Data Download Options : You can choose any one option given below, for data download from Wind Monitor to your computer.

Data Shuttle : The data shuttle is a pocket-sized device that can be used to download & transport the data from Wind Monitor to a computer (USB Port), allowing the instrument to stay in place for continuous monitoring/recording. The shuttle connects to a PC and is used with the Virtualware to download data.

Ethernet LAN :Through Ethernet LAN to Computer. You can enter IP Address of your computer and connect to the Automatic Wind Monitor. You can also get instantaneous data just press Monitor Menu. Used with the Virtualware software to download data.

GSM Modem : The GSM Modem is a standard RS232 port based GSM modem to receive data on the PC side which sent by the logger end. This Modem works with Virtual GSM Ware Software to encoded information into database & finally into a presentable MS-Excel Report. A communication cable, Power Adopter & Antenna is shipped along with the modem. This modem requires two GSM SIM cards for function (Provided by User only)

Features : LCD (16 X 2) to display the instrument status Membrane Keyboard is provided for on site programming without help of computer. Memory range more than 4000 data sets (extendable to more at extra cost) User Programmable Logging Interval from 1 min to 24 Hour Adjustable Tripod Stand. Rechargeable SMF batteries with integral solar panel, which will easily keep the batteries charged throughout the year. User-friendly Virtualware application software. Data retrieval by pocket size data shuttle to your computer Suitable for mounting in a variety of locations. Comes with weatherproof enclosure :

  • Operating Temperature : -20 to 70 oC.
  • Operating Humidity : 0 to 95 % non-condensing.
  • Data Retrieval options : The standard Weather Station Comes with data retrieva l option through Data Shuttle. But you can also choose following data retrieval options  Thought Ethernet Module / GSM Modem At Extra Cost.