Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer

Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer

Contact us to purchase Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer. We are a trusted name as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Digital Soil Moisture Meter. Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer is an important system for monitoring moisture and temperature of the soil. One can use as many sensors as required at representative sites. Using Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer, one can read all the sensors specifically and as regularly as required.

Highlights :

  • Continuous and appropriate use of soil moisture testing devices can effectively aid in obtaining maximum crop yield at optimum quality levels and conserve water. /li>
  • Gypsum blocks make this system versatile because they can be placed at any depth to best suit the root structure of each crop.
  • Soil moisture variations are actually checked in those areas most affected by root growth. Holes for inserting sensors in the soil can be made with a soil auger, soil sampler, or posthole digger.
  • Gypsum blocks are located in the root zone. The number and depth are determined by the crop.
  • Three points are recommended for deep rooted plants: the lowest point of the root system, midway and near the surface.
  • The blocks should be left in the soil undisturbed. To read a block, connect the sensors leads to the meter for read the display.

Simple Operation :
The sensors are buried in representative areas in the field to monitor soil moisture & Temperature changes in the area of active root growth. They are buried at one or more levels, depending on the crop and the depth of the root zone. When the sensors lead wires are connected to the meter, anindication of the available soil moisture & Temperature is immediately obtained on the meter display. The meter readings can be converted into terms of available soil moisture or soil moisture tension by referring to calibration curves, which are part of the operating instructions.

Features :
Sensor Inputs - Soil Moisture Sensor, Soil Temperature (Optional), Digital LCD readout, Converts electrical resistance reading of sensor to Centibars of suction , Accuracy, Stability & Convenient to use, One meter reads all sensors , Comes with one Soil Moisture & one Soil Temperature Sensor, The Sensors are manufactured from non-corrosive parts., Portable, hand-held easy to use., Battery status indication., User Friendly Menu driven programmable functions, Display: 16x2 LCD, Key board: 4x1 tactile Membrane