Radar Type Water Level Sensor

Radar Type Water Level Sensor is used to measure the level of liquid in storage tanks and open basins. We are one of the pioneering Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Radar Type Water Level Sensor from Uttarakhand. The Radar Type Water Level Sensor that we offer consists of 16x2 LCD alphanumeric display and 4 2 membrane keypad. Our Radar Type Water Level Sensor comes with a data logger that is used to collect the real time data. It is based on non-contact measuring principle.

Applications :

  • Level in liquids : Two different emitting frequencies are available for these applications. The compact, high frequency K-band sensors VEGAPULS 61, 62 and 63 are particularly suitable for applications for which high accuracy is required. Through the small antenna sizes, an excellent signal focusing is reached and hence mounting on small mounting openingsn is possible. The low frequency C-band sensors VEGAPULS 65 and 66 can penetrate foam and strong condensation and are thus particularly suitable for arduous process conditions. Unaffected by steam, gas composition, pressure and temperature changes the radar sensors detect the product surface of different products reliably and ensure thus an optimum process.
  • Level in bulk solids : The high frequency sensors VEGAPULS 67 and 68 in K-band technology are used for these applications. Thanks to the very good focusing of the signals, the level is detected reliably independent of silo installations or buildup on the vessel wall. A high sensitivity electronics optimized to the requirements of the bulk solids measurement, enables a reliable level measurement of different products up to a distance of 75 m. The measuring principle is unaffected by strong dust generation, filling noise, air turbulence by pneumatic filling and temperature fluctuations and ensures a reliable and maintenance-free operation of the systems. The application area covers applications in the food processing industry and the plastic processing up to the steel generati- on and mineral rock processing.