Soil Tensiometers

Buyers from all over the world can purchase Soil Tensiometers from us. We are one of the trusted names offering two types of Soil Tensiometers viz. Gauge Type Soil Tensiometer and Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer. These Soil Tensiometers are designed for testing and measuring the moisture content of soil. We can process bulk as well as medium orders for Soil Tensiometers.

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Gauge Type Soil Tensiometer
Gauge Type Soil Tensiometer is used for measuring the tension at which soil holds water. A typical Gauge Type Soil Tensiometer consists of water-filled tube that is sealed at one end and has porous ceramic filter at the other end. When buried in soil, it allows the water to freely flow through it. We can make available Gauge Type Soil

Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer

Contact us to purchase Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer. We are a trusted name as Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Digital Soil Moisture Meter. Moisture Type Soil Tensiometer is an important system for monitoring moisture and temperature of the soil. One can use as many sensors as required at representative sites. Using