Universal Water Current Meter

Universal Water Current Meter

The Universal Water Current Meter is suspended in water with the help of a cable having a sinking weight or wading rod. The Universal Water Current Meter can be relied upon for accurate measurement of stream flow velocities ranging from 0.04-10 m/s through multiple propellers. There is a proximity switch cable, which has free ends connected to water velocity indicator, and the Universal Water Current Meter comes with a calibration chart. Usable for watercourses, canals, rivers, and seas, the Universal Water Current Meter is made using non-corrosive material. The company is a highly trusted Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Universal Water Current Meter, which is offered in an instrument case with locking arrangements.

Specifications :
  • Propeller Rotation Diameter : 120 mm,
  • Propeller Hydraulic Pitch : 250 mm,
  • Starting Velocity : <0.036 m/s, Velocity
  • Measuring Range : 0.04 m/s ~ 10 m/s,
  • Meter Body : Material high Quality non- corrosive.

Water Velocity Indicator : This Micro-controller based Direct Velocity Indicator has been designed to measure the Velocity of water in a flowing stream. The velocity of water is calculated as per the calibration equation provided with the Sensor and displayed on the 16x2 LCD display. The Velocity Indicator consists of 4x1 tactile membrane keypad mounted on the front panel. You can save up to 56 readings. Two terminals to connect the current meter sensor are provided on the top. One power conn ector for charging adopter is also provided

Features :
Microcontroller based, Storage for 56 readings, Stored in EEprom (Remains intact even if battery removed), Retrieval of data through keyboard, Programmable current meter equation with storage, Programmable polarity (+ve or -ve) for constant in the equation :
  • Range of multiplier : 0.0001 to 1.0000,
  • Range of constant : 0.0000 to 0.9999,

Programmable averaging time (1 to 100secs), Time out features for accidental press of function key (30 Sec), Auto power off if current meter not connected and no key is pressed (10 Minutes), Portable, hand-held easy to use, Battery status indication, User Friendly Menu driven programmable functions.