Virtual Type Digital Water Level Recorder

Virtual Type Digital Water Level Recorder

The company has carved a niche for itself as a highly distinguished Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Virtual Type Digital Water Level Recorder. The Virtual Type Digital Water Level Recorder is offered in a weatherproof housing that contains data logger and power supply, and solar panel. Suitable for environmental conditions, the Virtual Type Digital Water Level Recorder can store all data with date and time with user-selected logging period. The Virtual Type Digital Water Level Recorder has replaceable SMF batteries and the solar panel keeps them charged throughout the year, and the data files in MS Excel format.

Features & Specifications :

  • Sensor Input - Shaft encoder type water level sensor
  • Float Cable Length : 10m (extendable to more at extra cost)
  • Processor : 16 bit Extreme Low Power
  • Parameter Monitored : Date, Time, Instantaneous Water Level,
  • Maximum Water Level (Log Rate), Minimum Water Level (Log Rate).
  • Display : LCD (16 X 2) to display the instrument status.
  • Membrane Keyboard : provided for on-site programming without help of computer.
  • PC Software : GUI based software for Data download.
  • Accuracy : 0.2% FSO
  • Real Time Clock : Internal with accuracy of +/- 2 minutes /year & leap year compensation.
  • Logging Interval : 1 min to 24 hrs with facility to program log Start time within next 24 hours
  • Memory : more than 8192 data points (extendable to more at extra cost).
  • ADC Resolution : 16+ bits
  • Battery Life : More than 1.5 Years
  • Battery : 12V 14AH SMF Battery Pack with integral solar charging kit to keep the batteries charged.
  • Operating Humidity 0 to 100%,
  • Operating Temp : - 20 to 70 °C
  • Data Output Format MS- Excel
  • Unattended recording of Water Level. Virtually maintenance free, Suitable for mounting over 6 inch dia pipe.

Data Retrieval options :

  • Data Shuttle : The data shuttle is a pocket-sized device that can be used to download & transport the data from Data Logger to a computer (USB Port), allowing the instrument to stay in place for continuous monitoring/recording. The shuttle connects to a PC and is used with the Virtualware to download data.
  • Ethernet : Through Ethernet LAN to Computer (wired). You can enter IP Address of your computer and connect to the Water Level Recorder allowing the instrument to stay in place for continuous monitoring/recording & data can be monitored through computer connected to logger. Used with the Virtualware software to download data. Comes with 25meter CAT5 Cable (more at extra cost). Layout of LAN wire from data logger to Computer is in Purchaser Scope

Ordering Guide :

  • DWLR with Data Shuttle option : DWLR-F-D
  • DWLR with Ethernet option : WLR-F-E